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  • Tuesday, 2021-04-13, 1:48 AM
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    |F2F| - Rules

    Clan Member Rules
    *Members seen !abusing their admin rights will have their admin removed or restricted.
    *If a player comes to you with an issue about a player or admin or yourself, at least listen, then bring it to the forum.
    *Please try and keep teams balanced.
    *Try to be active on the forums.
    *If you feel like you're getting too mad take 5 deep breaths! Mad admins lead to dumb ass mistakes that you might regret or you are unable to reverse.
    *Wear the correct clan tag at all times.
    *All members require a valid et guid number.
    *You should not use! mute, !kick or especially !ban commands on other clan members, if there is an issue about something discuss it on the forums not on the game, the server is for gaming the forums is for discussing!
    *Give at least 1 warning before muting someone, another before muting them again and a final warning before freezing/ kicking them.
    *Always get proof (Demos/Screenshots) before you ban or accuse somebody of cheating or of doing something illegal or of being abusive. Post the proof(s) on forums. Remember! To spectate those suspicious players, always use the "/follow playerslot" command in your console.When supplying a demo to forum, rename the demo to the player name eg. player.dm_84. Also post what server the suspected cheating happened.

    Server Rules
    *Any member or player is responsible for keeping their machine and public IP address free of any cheating software. If |F2F| deems that such software or cheats are present it does not matter if it was your brother, father, friend, cat, dog or goldfish who installed it. Cheating is not allowed on ANY server and proof supplied from other server owners will cause players to get removed from |F2F| and also possibly banned from |F2F| servers.
    *No excessive cursing , whining or bitching on at other players on a continuous basis.
    *No self kill in battle.
    *Spawn Killing is not allowed unless battling for spawn point`s i.e oasis.
    *No walljumping, trickjumping, etc.
    *Don't ask for admin.
    *The Main language for the Chat Menue is English.
    *If you wanna speak in your Native Language with another Player you have to write them a PM, or you have to play in a Fireteam with the Players and then you can speak in the Fireteamchat ( press - U - for the Fireteamchat ] in your Native Language.
    *Don't spam (this includes voice chat, normal chat, and excessive arty spam).
    *Do not repeat failed votes more than twice per map or excessively (to be determined by admins).
    *When you can't accept how a Member or a Admin is acting or managing the Game, write a PM to the |F2F| Members and don't use the Global Chat for this, if you still don`t agree post it on the forums.
    *Advertising on the server for services or recruiting is prohibited.
    *Going spec to see what the other team is doing or changing teams in the middle because you are losing is NOT tolerated.
    *Please respect all the Players and Members at the Server.
    *Spectate if going AFK.
    Lastly, have fun and enjoy, it`s only a game!
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